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From whatever Claudia Schiffer or Claudia Cardinale profited when they indulged in the Czech Spas, you can be sure that it benefited their beauty.  “Cures” have been a centuries-old tradition in the spas of Marienbad, Karlsbad or Franzensbad.  Even prominent people like Zar Ferdinand I, Kaiser Wilhelm, or Goethe used the bubbling “fountain of youth”.  Besides the classic spa treatments CO2 baths have been used for some time.

Because of documented success many Beauty Salons and therapists use to the soothing effects of promoting blood circulation gas.  Read for yourself, what our clients and their customer say:

  • "Just like a little kid, I am waiting with anticipation for my BODYREG device." Monika Schmidt Stolletz from Bayreuth
  • "I have different body shaping devices in my studio, but the CO2 dry bath is the only method that alleviates cellulite.” Inge Grzella of Rottenburg-Ergenzingen
  • "One of my clients just came to relax. But suddenly her blood parameters and depression improved.  Even the doctor recommended continuing the treatment." Detlef Hellwig from Esslingen
  • Dear Sirs, I reset the device BODYREG since the beginning of 2014 with success as an adjunct by the following medical indications : 1. fibromyalgia syndrome 2. Colon irritable 3. chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities 4. painful muscle disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The applications are usually held 1-2 times per week, the total treatments depend on the severity of the disease. Overall, the use of this device has enriched my therapeutic arsenal for chronic diseases sense.
  • Dear Mrs. Popp, Yes I hereby confirm my positive experiences with BODYREG. I already suffer at least 10 years at a very painful osteoarthritis in the finger joints. I've tried a lot, nothing helped ultimately, not even cortisone (for 4 weeks) then the pain was back and my fear was growing: Can I provide my household in a couple of years? When I heard about BODYREG I was very skeptical, but the transfer mediator was known to me for some time and she is very trustworthy. Now, after 20 treatments (which I perceive as very relaxing) I am mostly pain free and very happy. I will continue the treatment, probably about 1 to 2 times a month. I hope that by BODYREG still can help many people in similar situations.