Personal Protective Cover (PPC)


Spunbond composite structure made with titanium dioxide that protects against bacterial, virus and parasite growth.



These products are made from a polypropylene nonwoven spunbond composite structure made with titanium dioxide that protects against bacterial, virus and parasite growth.

Dehne – Non-Thermal Plasma

Negative Plasma O2 is highly reactive and k i l l s contact air-borne or surface-bound bacteria, viruses, mould, osmogens (organic odours) and toxic fumes. Plasma-O2 technology mirrors the phenomena of lightning by creating an abundant and continuous stream of oxygen plasma.

Product Features

  • Non Thermal Plasma Technology (NTP)
  • Small, Compact and Silent
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Designed for 24hour Operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • No Moving Parts


The healing therapy has been known for a long time and is being used in many Clinics. Typically the therapy is done in a bathtub, an aqueous medium. BODYREG® offers a CO2 treatment that can be conducted in any medical practice.

A crucial advantage for optimal results: The new BODYREG® offers the patient a comfortable humidification and preheating of CO2 during the application, which leads to an increased resorption of the medicinal gas.

Co2 - Interview with Dr Pannikker

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